Creativity to reinvent your life

We need creativity to change and transform: from pain to wellbeing; from separation to union; from despairing solitude to creative solitude; from repression to expression; from self-protection to the heart.

We need a practical creativity that helps us to get out of a stressful routine, of a lack of union and disconnection with our essence. A daring creativity, that opens our eyes to see and become aware, our hearts to feel and to be, to be able to see beyond the apparent, see the truth and see ourselves in the mirror.

Creativity is a gift that each one of us has. This book will give you guidelines to having creative power in your hands. That way you will stop being a shipwreck at the mercy of your habits, circumstances, others and time, to be the one who is at the helm of your life.

This book will accompany you in discovering what your helm is, how to take a strong hold on it and allow it to guide your life; it will open you to listen to your intuition, your inner teacher that stimulates true creativity. It will give you guidelines in order to go from intention to action, from theory to experience.

Discover the creativity that gives you the strength to get you out of the prison of a wrong dream. A creativity to recreate and reinvent the self, which moves from the awakened consciousness and thus allows the circulation of a facilitating energy of positive transformation in the human system, in thoughts and feelings.

It is a healing and creating energy of a new paradigm. Personal health, the health of the planet and the health of humanity depend on us all working creatively.

You can be more creative. Dare to.

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