I have dedicated great part of my life to volunteering. It is in giving my self to others where I find purpose and meaning in my life. It is in service where I live the joy of loving, sharing and growing. The joy has to do with being free and with gratitude. The gratitude comes from living existence as a gift.

Currently my volunteering actions are centered in:

  • I am part of the driving force of european Appreciative Inquiry Network – www.networkplace.eu– and the Iberoamerican Appreciative Inquiry Network – www.redindagacionapreciativa.com
  • Sabio-logos – I coordinate the group, the dialogues and the spaces where they happen. It is a group that digs in the millennial wisdoms and shares it in dialogues.
  • Spirit of Humanity Forum – I am member of the coordinating Committee, representing the Culture for Peace Foundation. www.fund-culturadepaz.org
  • Introducing Spirituality in Organizations and Leadership, ISOL India Foundation – member and speaker www.isolindia.org
  • Earth Day Association – I am its President. I have always been concerned by the importance of respecting our earth, our Mother Earth that takes us, gives us life, in its abundance and generosity. www.diadelaterra.org