YesOuiSi Space


The spirit that moves YesOuiSi is that of service, sharing and making wisdom and talents available. YesOuiSi is a space of leadership, spirituality and creativity. We create spaces as a point of encounter in order to accompany people in the recovery of their maximum potential of beauty, inner strength and clarity. YesOuiSi offers a safe and comfortable space for you to value yourself, give time to yourself, care for yourself and explore and get to know aspects of your being that were hidden until now. It is a space of acceptance, free of judgements and dogmas that facilitates expanding the limits of the mind and widening the horizons of the heart. Our activities help to overcome limitations, fears and blockages and promote being able to reach the wholeness of being. The objective is to integrate body, mind, heart and spirit in order to achieve an alignment that allows us to be and to express the best of ourselves in all the areas of our life. When the energetic centres are aligned and unblocked, we have a greater capacity of performance, efficacy and affectivity. Our heart opens, our mind calms itself and our intellect decides with clarity. The intuition acts. We find the meaning that moves us to a YES to life.

Our values

YesOuiSi is founded on the will to serve. YesOuiSi offers a diversity of thought and cultures. We make available and share through dialogue – the flow of meanings, wisdom and experience. We explore the universal truths from different perspectives in order to arrive at our own experience and authenticity. YesOuiSi offers the opportunity to go into the depths, to discover, share and apply the universal truths, avoiding fanaticisms and closed thinking. In YesOuiSi we are aware that values unite us and beliefs separate us. We offer a space to understand what beliefs block us, limit us and separate us, and how to align oneself with the values that will generate transforming and effective action. In our seminars and activities we reflect upon our life strategy and facilitate it so that each person may find their solutions, develop their creativity, connect to their intuition and give meaning to their daily work and activity. For this the fundamental value is trust.

Horizon YesOuiSi

Aims: The main aim in YesOuiSi is to acompany people to aline their being with reason, head, intuition, heart and body. Align consciousness, decision and action.

Leadership and Intelligence: The constant changes and crises that characterise the present moments make us look for new answers and ways to deal with them. The situation is an invitation to reinvent the way that we create and lead our lives and organisations. If rational intelligence helps us to deal with data in order to take precise decisions and emotional intelligence helps us to recognise and deal with our feelings and states, it is spiritual intelligence that allows us to access our inner strength, know our spiritual reality and align ourselves with the purpose and meaning of our life. This allows us to become the leaders of our lives; this being a crucial factor of success or failure.

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