We offer sessions of meditation to individuals and groups. Your attention is almost totally lost in what you are thinking, feeling and doing or on what others are doing, almost all the time.  And that is why just becoming aware of your attention, and where it goes, is the beginning of meditation.  Meditation is the ‘cultivation of self awareness’, which is another way of saying being aware of you the being…being! Meditation is to use the power inherent in the stillness of your being to remain stable and unmoved in front of adversity. It is to draw on the power of your peace to cut through the clamorous noise of the world around you that is constantly demanding your attention and your energy. And it is to listen with your ‘inner ear’ to the still small voice that is the wisdom of your heart.

Retreats and intelligent holidays

Give your self the gift of a weekend or a week to recover energy and connect with the essence of your being. To live silence by cutting through the clamorous noise of the world around you that is constantly demanding your attention and your energy.
Intelligent holidays allow us to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and with the excitement of getting to know, discovering and widening our vision of the world. We also want to relax and recover our balance. Intelligent holidays are those which allow us to disconnect from pressures and connect to the essential, to our authentic values, to our dream, and that which really gives meaning to our life.
Therefore why not devote X days of your holidays to yourself and to the personal development of your loved ones, family and friends? Why not offer them as a promotion gift in the company?


We propose workshops carried out with interactive and creative methodology. The subjects of the workshops include:

• Understanding the causes of stress and overcoming them.
• Recognising fears and blockages and learning to free oneself from them.
• Reconnecting with the purpose of our life and what is essential.
• Aligning our awareness, decisions and actions.
• Recovering our personal power.
• Dare to Live and Living in Freedom.
• Positive thought and attitude.
• Mindfluness and Heartfulness.
• Appreciative Dialogue.
• Appreciative Inquiry related topics.
• Meditation.

Wise-Logos Dialogues

We organise dialogues, talks and forums of multidisciplinary thought in order to have deep conversations, which create new mental, intellectual and spiritual spaces. Conversations that open the mind to another way of looking and the heart to another way of feeling. Conversations that lead us to find the right questions in order to widen perspectives. Conversations in which dialogue helps us to transcend the self to connect to the transcendent dimension that unites us and transports us to another dimension of the self of seeing and of feeling. Conversations that feed us and help us to look for new ideas with which to nourish ourselves and guide us in our future.

The sabio-logos group (sabio means wise, and logo connects with the same root than dia-logo, so these are dialogues to emerge wisdom) is made up of people who sustain the spirit of this YesOuiSi space and are characterised by their desire for service, to offer their experience, their wisdom and their knowledge, making it available for a true dialogue – a flow of meanings that give meaning to life and wholeness to the awareness.

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