Who rules in your life?

Thoughts and thought patterns have a big influence in our lives. Many people do not think about the repercussion of their thoughts. Thinking is something that we do habitually When you create thoughts you generate feelings, attitudes, words and actions, you create the picture of your life. It is up you to break with routine in order not to be influenced by the turmoil of your thoughts. One of the objectives of this book is to help you to be aware of the quality of your thoughts. You can live every moment of your life knowing how to choose consciously good and beneficial thoughts, and learn to protect yourself from negative influences. In order to improve the quality of your thoughts, you have to be aware of the way you think and recognise that each one of us creates our thoughts, whether positive, wasteful or negative. To recognise this situation allows you to lay the foundations of a true positive change in your life.

Recognise the influence that thoughts have in your quality of life. Be aware of your creative capacity. Develop a more positive attitude. Widen the understanding of your spiritual identity. Learn about meditation as a method to channel the energy of your mind. Develop your virtues.

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