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Live Life with Passion


Wake up to Possibilities

17 th June 18.30h Savoy Place Coven Garden London

Passion is energy – the fuel that drives you to follow your heart & do the things you love.

With passion, you do more, achieve more, & get the best results; it’s life’s high performance fuel.  It means your feet hit the floor in the morning, raring to go & life never feels like a chore!

Passion infuses your resilience & motivates you to keep moving, especially when things get tough.

What then causes your passion’s flame to fade away?  What distracts you from what’s important to you right now?

And what happens when you have more than one passion?   Should you ration your passion?

Don’t cheat yourself.  Come on – wake up!  Keep your eyes wide open to see the possibilities and live life with passion.

Join us to discover how to rekindle & keep the fire in your passion alive.